Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh man, new post!

Hello friendly people.

So, I haven't posted since March 2010. THAT'S A LONG TIME.

And I'm not even feeling particularly ranty today, but I'm sure that I can find something to rant about.

Since that (ancient) last post, I've started working at Victoria International Airport. There are many, many things about airports, and travelers, that make me hideously angry. So that is where my rant will come from today!

Customers and consumers of all types have a terrible habit of blaming whatever sad, sorry customer service person is within yelling range.

Airports are no different.

I have been made to feel PERSONALLY responsible for medical emergencies, snow, fog, rain, high winds, cancellations due to empty flights, and even for people's own stupidity.

No, traveler, I did NOT personally interrupt your Mexico plans with 6 inches of snow. Kindly fuck off, as you are going to make it to Mexico eventually, and I will still be stuck here, at the airport, serving the next self-pitying idiot who feels the need to make everyone around them feel like shit.

And then they don't even tip well. Jerks.

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